Quick Save – 014 – A Valley Without Wind, Frozen Synapse, Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, Catherine and more


– James and Michael love games – all kinds of games.  Listen weekly to get the scoop on all the latest video games, board games and talk about the glory days of gaming!

– October 6, 2011

– News:  Max Payne 3 trailer, Skyward Sword trailerThe Humble Frozen Synapse BundleA Valley Without Wind Beta/Demo

– Meat: Ico/Shadow of the Colossus CollectionCatherine



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  1. Erik Johnson says:

    Thanks so much for giving our game a shout on your cast! – Erik, Arcen

  2. James says:

    Of course Erik, thank you for making games worth shouting about! I eagerly await your many updates to A Valley Without Wind.

    Thanks for looking us up, listening and commenting. That’s awesome!